Fallschirmspringen Kärnten

Frequently asked questions

Which physical conditions are required to perform a tandem jump?

A generally good health status.
Passengers weighing more than 90 kg can jump, but with a surplus charged of € 40,- (max. 115kg)

Are children allowed to jump?

Yes, but minors under the age of 18 need a signed consent form on site from their parents or legal guardians.

I am over the age of 70, am I allowed to join a tandem jump?

Older people should consult a doctor beforehand. Since we want to adapt to the needs of older guests, please contact us before purchasing a voucher or booking an appointment.

I am wearing glasses. Am I allowed to join a tandem jump?

Yes, we have special protective goggles you can wear on top of your glasses.

I am wearing contact lenses. Am I allowed to join a tandem jump?

Yes, we will provide you with protective goggles.

I have limited physical mobility and/or am physically disabled. I am allowed to join a tandem jump?

Generally spoken, yes. In case of any doubts please consult your physician and attain a written consent form. The final decision is up to the tandem master on site. Hence it is very important to meet up with the tandem master beforehand to make a joint decision.

My weight is 91 kg. I am allowed to join a tandem jump?

Passengers weighing more than 90 kg can jump, but with an added surplus charge of € 40,– (max. 115kg). The final decision is up to the tandem master on site.

What clothes do I need for a tandem jump?

Dress comfortably, adjusted according to the temperature on ground. Please wear trainers. We will provide you with long trousers, jumper, protective hat and protective goggles.

How much time do I have to plan in for a tandem jump?

A jump usually takes one hour, including briefing and aircraft ascend. Delays can happen due to weather conditions, aircraft movements or air traffic control instructions, so please plan in about 2 to 3 hours.

What happens in bad weather conditions?

We do not jump when it’s raining, with low hanging clouds or when the wind is too strong. If your appointment has to be postponed due to the weather, we will inform you by phone. We strongly recommend to give us a call under +43 650/902 02 02 at least 2 hours before your jump to confirm your appointment.

Are spectators welcome?

Yes, your friends can observe your jump next to the landing zone. They are also allowed to take videos and pictures.

How long in advance should I get registered for an appointment?

You can get registered at short notice too. However, then it is possible that you won’t be able to get your desired date; it is generally sufficient to get pre-registered 1-2 weeks in advance. (except larger groups)

How am I connected with my tandem master?

You will be equipped with a passenger harness which is connected in four different locations with the harness of your tandem master. The harness material has a breaking load of 3.000 kg.

How safe is a jump? Is it possible that the parachute won’t open?

The high-tech material and the demanding training of our tandem masters make malfunctions a myth. The parachutes at the Fallschirmzentrum Kärnten are also equipped with an automatic opening device in case the tandem master is not able to react on time.

Is any parachutist allowed to take passenger with him/her?

No! Only a tandem master is allowed to take passengers with him/her. To become a tandem master, it takes a multitude of jumps, an extensive training and the passing of a highly demanding exam.

How hard is the landing?

Normally – if the passenger follows all directions of the tandem master – there are no significant strains when landing as the tandem master will touch down first. The passenger is given a sign when to put his legs down or if a sliding landing has to be conducted. A sliding landing occurs when the tandem master touches down with his heels first, then the passenger touches down with his heels. Both sit down in their harnesses and wait for the canopy to sink down, so they can slide on their trouser bottoms.

What they say
after the drop

„Thank you for this experience!“

I was really excited before the jump.
When we finally ascended, the tension was suddenly gone.
After the jump, it was simply just fabulous.



Many thanks to my friends for this fabulous gift and
an experience, I will definitely never forget! Top!


„Pure adrenaline“

I have experienced a lot, but jumping from a height of 4.000 m
was a whole new experience, even for me! :-)