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Tandemsprung aus 6.000 Meter + Foto

Tandem jump from 6.000 m + picture

The ideal addition to your tandem jump. A skydiver equipped with a camera will document your jump from beginning of briefing to touchdown, taking 2 pictures per second during free fall. After the jump, you will receive the pictures on a digital storage medium.

What they say
after the drop

„Thank you for this experience!“

I was really excited before the jump.
When we finally ascended, the tension was suddenly gone.
After the jump, it was simply just fabulous.



Many thanks to my friends for this fabulous gift and
an experience, I will definitely never forget! Top!


„Pure adrenaline“

I have experienced a lot, but jumping from a height of 4.000 m
was a whole new experience, even for me! :-)


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